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Imagine if you had family abroad trying to escape bloodshed and repression. And instead of you being able to provide them with a place of safety, they were now exposed to the miserable and life-threatening conditions facing so many refugees at this time – perilous journeys, overcrowded camps, danger at every turn. 

You would want to support them, welcome them to safety in the UK – yet in many circumstances…

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David Bowie 

Just heard about David Bowie. He represented what the point of music was for me. His creativity and inventiveness only made most other artists look like they may as well not bother trying. That feeling for me at least is only amplified today. He was a bench mark that you could only hope to approximate in your wildest fantasy. It 
wont be the same without him.

London 12th September 2015 March in support of refugees

This is a short film I made yesterday at the march in London. It was a really inspiring to see ten's of thousands of people joining together in support of refugees. There was a very positive and friendly atmosphere. The speeches that were made at the end were really good. The day had an added poignancy with Jeremy Corbyn making an empassioned speech. This was his first engagement after being elected to the leadership only three and a half hours earlier.