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Chris Ford's new album Good Morning America is in part very politically driven but it is also counter balanced by several deftly subtle and romantically tinged songs about personal loss and the yearning need for redemption. The opening track and title track Good Morning America has echo's of Beck coupled with the spirit of The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows. The song is about how America's global cultural and political domination is slowly changing but it is also about the internal tensions in the US that are making that process come about. Digging Our Own Graves is a statement about how the world is living on an ecological knife edge and how if we are not careful we are beginning to write our own epitaphs.


Say Nothing is in part a polemic attack that goes to the very heart of a self-satisfied and over corporate music industry. “The world is screaming out for artists to express what is really happening on this planet right now. Sadly very few step up to the plate. Instead we get a diet of the same old, same old, written by teams of predictable co-writers and producers going from artist to artist writing banal lyrics to predictable radio “lite” melodies.” Say Nothing will ruffle a few feathers, but it is high time that was the case. There needs to be a new manifesto in music that puts politics and social conscience back in the spotlight.


Hard To Believe is a song about how difficult it is to have any faith in a world built on falsehood's and counter factual information. Whether it is the politics of the left or the right it is increasingly hard to know what is real and what is sold as real. A Little Rain Must Fall has an infectious and rousing chorus line and which has already proven very popular on America radio when it was sent out as a taster promo in the autumn of 2015. The song was play listed on several syndicated radio shows across the US. The album also contains several very reflective and intimate songs such as The Warp Glass, Lovefalls, Into The Blue and Moving Out Of View.


Chris produced the album in collaboration with Oliver Lee and Pascale Giovetto. Pascale has worked previously with Elvis Costello, Bjork and My Bloody Valentine. Say Nothing was produced by Chris and Oliver Lee while FYI was produced by Chris and Arun Chaturvedi who was Canadian producer of the year in 2011. The Warp Glass was produced by Chris, Pascale Giovetto and Preben Raunsbjerg. The musicians on the album were Chris who played acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano with additional guitars and bass from Oliver Lee. There was also additional piano, cello and bass from Andy Black. All the songs were written by Chris.




Chris wrote the majority of the songs for Good Morning America in the summer of 2015. The political element of the album was in part as a reaction against what he sees as the inertia and complacency shown by many in the current music fraternity.


Chris was originally inspired and encouraged to pick up the guitar and to write his own songs after a chance meeting in New York with John Cale of The Velvet Underground. In an afternoon, over a beer or two, they got talking and John advised Chris to go to Greenwich Village and start playing in front of a crowd. Chris took the plunge and that same evening he did his first ever live performance. Chris is primarily based in London but in the past twelve months, he has been gaining ground in the US where the song A Little Rain Must Fall, has been played on over 170 Triple A radio stations and featured on several US syndicated radio shows. Chris spent six weeks in the States last year playing over 40 gigs and gaining a growing but loyal army of fans. His previous two albums This Atlantic Low and All Caught Up have had really good critical reaction. All Caught Up which is essentially a live acoustic album gave rise to Chris undertaking over 40 live sessions for BBC radio stations around the UK. Chris often begins the writing process with a title. He then develops the melody line and if he is lucky the lyrics come along as a stream of consciousness coupled with a little essential editing. His influences range from people he has big respect for such as Jamie T, Ryan Adams, James Blake and Elliot Smith and also to wider influences such as David Bowie, The Beatles and Bob Dylan and Damien Rice.


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