I wrote the majority of the songs for Good Morning America in the summer of 2015. The political element of the album was in part as a reaction against what I see as the inertia and complacency shown by many in the current music fraternity.

I was originally inspired and encouraged to pick up the guitar and to write my own songs after a chance meeting in New York with John Cale of The Velvet Underground. In an afternoon, over a beer or two, we got talking and John advised me to go to Greenwich Village and start playing in front of a crowd. I took the plunge and that same evening I did my first ever live performance. I am primarily based in London but in the past twelve months, I  have been gaining ground in the US where the song A Little Rain Must Fall, has been played on over 170 Triple A radio stations and featured on several US syndicated radio shows. I spent six weeks in the States last year playing over 40 gigs and gaining a growing but loyal army of fans. My previous two albums This Atlantic Low and All Caught Up have had really good critical reaction. All Caught Up which is essentially a live acoustic album gave rise to me undertaking over 40 live sessions for BBC radio stations around the UK.

I often begin the writing process with a title. They are often scribbled on an old newspaper or something which I then I can't find for ages. I then develop the melody line and if I am lucky the lyrics come along as a stream of consciousness coupled with a little essential editing. I hate people who list an endless stream of here is a stream of influences. They range from people I have a lot of respect for such as Jamie T, Ryan Adams, James Blake and Elliot Smith and also to wider influences such as David Bowie, The Beatles and Bob Dylan and Damien Rice.


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